Bread Club Treats


They're yummy, scrummy, and just a little bit naughty. Meet the three musketeers of baked goods, all of whom are a little bit devilish.

Monsieur Croissant: Bonjour et Bon Appetit! This flaky, buttery masterpiece is baked that morning, and will arrive on your doorstep just BEGGING to be devoured. Equally satisfying savoury or sweet, this bad boy won't last long!

Mademoiselle Almond Croissant: The sultry mistress of the croissant, with an irresistible slathering of almond paste. Easily the most tempting way to spend an afternoon, this choice is a must have.

Herr Saffron Bun: If you're after a more grown up flavour, this is your pick. Delicate flavours abound across the palate, and combine well with the slightest hint of sweetness. Perfect for afternoon tea when working at home.