Meredith Goat Cheese (320g)


You still remember your first taste. Maybe it was at a party, maybe you were out at brunch with friends. You saw the cool kids doing it, and even though you knew the risks, hey, a little couldn’t hurt. As you swallowed that fateful first mouthful, you felt the rush straight away. Your pupils instantly dilated, the hairs on your body stood rigid. A soaring crescendo of stars and lights swarm around you as the creamy goodness first enters your bloodstream. Your shitty job, unattractive partner, overbearing mother-in-law, all those problems melt away as you main line your way through that first line of avo and feta.

But then the party ends. The jar is empty. You think about it all the time, but you know you should only do it on the occasional weekend with friends. Maybe once a month. A social thing. You’ll definitely stop if it interferes with work. You see people with kids using it, and you express a strange mix of disgust and pity.

But then Friday morning rolls around, and the jar you had planned for the weekend is already empty. You start lying to your parents about it, you begin pushing it on your friends. Your original dairy-free circle no longer return your calls. You ask yourself “Is it worth it?” The answer - YES!

Warning: This product is highly, highly addictive. The story above is an example of what happens when this cheese is abused without medical supervision. If you are concerned about how your brunching is affecting you and those you love, please call the Brunch Hotline on 1800 BRUNCH between 8-12, or all-day on weekends.